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Brooklyn Raga Massive Honors the Coltrane Legacy

April 18, 2018

The Coltrane Raga Tribute from Brooklyn Raga Massive has blowing some minds.  As they released their album, we hang with Sameer Gupta, the tabla upstart, drummer and musical director of the project.  We'll listen to a live performance from Pioneer Works. If you want to hear it all you’ll have to get the album! .

The all-star ensemble in the set we hear includes:
Sameer Gupta – Drumset/Tabla,
Brandee Younger – Harp,
Jay Gandhi – Bansuri,
Arun Ramamurthy – Violin,
Pawan Benjamin – Sax,
Trina Basu – Violin,
Neel Murgai – Sitar,
Ben Tyree – Guitar,
Rashaan Carter – Bass
Michael Gam – Bass

Special Guests:

Roopa Mahadevan – Vocal

Pyeng Threadgill- vocal

Anupam Shobhakar – Sarod
Jessica Lurie – Sax
Ken Shoji- Violin
Dawoud Kringle – Dilruba
Giancarlo Luigi – Chekere and Percussion

Recorded by James Clark and mixed by Sameer Gupta